Virtual Career Fair Platform

Connect with 3-5X More Candidates with Chat-Based Online Events


TextRecruit Virtual Career Fairs

Simple, Scalable and Cost-Effective

TextRecruit Virtual Career Fairs are chat-based online events that are easy to use, offer unlimited opportunities to connect with candidates from any device, anywhere, anytime -- and reduce cost per hire.

Simple: Set up a branded job fair event in minutes not weeks, with chat-based events with registration capture.

Scalable: Instant and unlimited access to event creation, across multiple teams.

Cost-Effective: Connect with qualified candidates without the direct and indirect costs of planning or attending physical job fair events.

Attract 3 to 5X More Candidates with a Virtual Career Fair

By removing the travel, budget and time constraints of physical events; Virtual Career Fairs are a scalable way for recruiters to better engage passive and active candidates and reduce hiring biases through the simplicity of live chat.

Screenshot of Virtual Career Fair platform chat functionality on desktop and mobile
Screenshot of Virtual Career Fair platform social media posting functionality

Target and Deliver On Recruiting Objectives

Gain control of how your event is marketed and reach talent groups like college students, veterans, women in tech or other targeted groups to meet specific recruiting needs. Improve the candidate experience with branded event pages and unique URLs, pre-qualify candidates using AI, and spend more time having meaningful conversations with talent.

Talent Pool Re-Engagement

TextRecruit integrates into all major HR, ATS and CRM systems making it easy to tap into existing talent pools. Target best-fit candidates for specific positions or invite talent pools, internal mobility candidates, or former employees to learn more about exciting new career opportunities.

Screenshot of Virtual Career Fair platform integrating into other HCM
Screenshot of Virtual Career Fair platform dashboard

Single Platform for Distributed Hiring Teams

Centralized visibility and management of virtual career fairs across multiple regions, time zones and departments, in one platform. A platform with sourcing and marketing tools to help you market your teams’ virtual events.

  • Unlimited events
  • Browser-based live chat
  • Event landing pages
  • Filter and share event views
  • Unique registrant URLs
  • Set registration limitations
  • Chat notifications
  • Registration capture