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Learn how iCIMS TextRecruit keeps your business moving with tools like text messaging, virtual career fairs, and AI-enabled chatbots

Candidate And Employee Engagement Platform For Recruiters
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Trusted by the world’s largest companies to deliver over 37% average response rates in 12 minutes.

Candidate engagement matters. Recruiting with text message generates world class open and response rates. With no email, app download or QR code to scan, your next great hire is just a message away.

The results have been stellar with a 2.5x increase in candidate replies, the majority of
responses coming in under 15 minutes, and a very happy client.

AI Recruiting Mobile Phone

TextRecruit’s Automated Recruiter Interface (ARI) is a 100% configurable chatbot that accelerates time to hire with natural language processing and machine learning powered by Google and IBM Watson.

Conversational Artificial Intelligence (AI) and workflow automation is available on demand within TextRecruit’s platform of SMS and Live Chat solutions. Customized branding and tone help to scale top-of-the-funnel conversations.

“Ari, who we’ve affectionately named Ellie, works for us as we sleep and during off-hours chatting with candidates.”

Attract 3 to 5x more candidates with a virtual career fair

Remove the travel, budget, and time constraints of physical events. With our award-winning virtual career fair offering, your team can conserve time and energy through the simplicity of live chat.




Winner, 2019 HR Tech Awesome New Technology

Attract 3 to 5X More Candidates with a Virtual Career Fair

Full API integration into your candidate and employee management system for automation, communication tracking and team grouping.

TextRecruit has a bi-directional API integration with leading Applicant Tracking Systems, Candidate Management Systems, Human Capital Management systems and job boards.

“TextRecruit has been a real game changer. The integration with iCIMs has leveled up our candidate screening and interview scheduling process.”

Chrome Extension

Engage with the perfect candidate from your favorite job board, ATS or on LinkedIn with TextRecruit’s Anywhere browser extension

Add and text candidates from any website. Add and track candidates by campaign, select templates and filter and find past conversations.



“I asked new hires why they joined our team.
The response was ease of interviews and communicating with texting. A game changer!”

Data security, templates, reporting and analytics to help your organization with compliance.

Best in class security and compliance tools with candidate and employee data protection. TextRecruit helps leaders, HR and team managers create transparency and collaboration between team members and across regions.

“Having TextRecruit and all of the communication between a recruiter and candidate
housed in iCIMS helps us with our compliance.”

Data Security

“Communication is a strategic necessity.”

Jared Bazzell, Manager, Talent Acquisition, CDW

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“I was immediately blown away because I’ve been talking about how candidates want to be communicated with on their terms, forever!”

William Tincup, HR Thought Leader and President @ Recruiting Daily

joel cheesman

“The business of connecting with candidates via text messaging has been a clear winner in the recruitment space the last few years. So what does the next act look like? TextRecruit is making a bet on virtual job fairs.”

Joel Cheesman, Co-Host, The Chad & Cheese Podcast

TIm Sackett

“Compliance with texting is still a new frontier… Using a platform like TextRecruit makes all of this heartburn go away!”

Tim Sackett, Editor in Chief @ Fistful of Talent Blog

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