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Staffing and Recruiting: Pick Up The Phone To Send A Text Message, And Not A Phone Call

October 6th, 2015 Posted by mobile device usage, mobile hiring, Mobile Recruiting, mobile technology, mobile trends, Mobile usage, texting in the enterprise 0 thoughts on “Staffing and Recruiting: Pick Up The Phone To Send A Text Message, And Not A Phone Call”

Up until recently, when you wanted to send out a mass communication to your job candidates, you could only send it through an email. There is nothing wrong with an email; it is a wonderful tool. However, many job seekers will prefer to receive messages via text.

Sending messages via text can be a great addition to your staffing and recruiting methods. Almost all of the text messages a person receives are opened within the first few minutes of receiving the text messaging notification. So it is really no surprise that many job seekers are so accepting of mobile recruitment.

If you have been calling potential job candidates, many of them may not be particularly thrilled because the majority ofpeople only use their phone for nearly everything except for making or accepting a phone call.

Text messages have a positive open rate and it does not take long to deliver a text message. What does this mean for you? It means that as a recruiter you have been missing out on a great method of communication.

A text message will give your job candidates the ability to respond when they have time to actually sit down and read the text messages. When they receive multiple calls, they will likely be frustrated when they are unable to answer the phone. A text message gives them the opportunity to respond when they want.

Many people think text messages are not professional, but you can create your text messages in a way that has professional standards and dialogue. If you have discovered that you are having problems communicate with job seekers, it could be time to pick up the phone to send text messages and not phone calls or emails.

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