Will Facebook Alter How We Attract Talent For Good?

March 6th, 2018 Posted by Recruiting

Will Facebook Alter How We Attract Talent For Good?

Last week, Facebook rolled out job posts to 40 additional countries. Facebook’s job posts feature was tested in the U.S. and Canada last year and now allows recruiters to attract talent in the UK, Italy, Spain, Brazil, and a multitude of other countries. This move marks a major shift in the usage of the world’s largest social networking platform. What used to be the default destination for solely social purposes is now a common space for job seekers and recruiters alike.

This shift will inevitably carry with it a tonal difference to the platform. Job seekers will have to be more cognizant that all their posts are employer-friendly, and platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat will solidify their position as the destination for people to take a more no holds barred approach to sharing their social life. But let’s explore this rollout a little deeper and what it means for recruiters in the long run.

Cheesecake Factory uses job posts to attract talent

What are Facebook Job Posts?

Facebook’s job posts feature is Facebook’s method of allowing companies to attract talent on their page and in users’ news feeds. You can create posts, track applicants, and then communicate with strong candidates directly in Messenger. You can also boost job posts in the same way that you can boost other posts or events. From the applicant perspective, they will see your Facebook job posts in their news feed, on the jobs bookmark on your page, or alongside other posts on business pages.

Who can be reached?

This rollout creates the perfect channel to reach millennial and blue-collar workers where they already are. These groups may not necessarily have LinkedIn profiles or be as responsive on email, but they are always accessing Facebook throughout the day either from a phone or computer. Time-to-hire can be significantly cut down by prompting a quick reply on Messenger as opposed to waiting for a long crafted email at the end of the workday. Millennials are currently spending about 6 hours every week on Facebook. This is their native home. If you want to reach them where they want to be reached, Facebook is where you should go. You can attract talent faster and your candidates will have a more enjoyable experience, it’s a win-win.

Job posts can be used to reach blue collar and millennial workers

How will this change recruiting?

Facebook’s recruiting  platform is perfect for reaching applicants in retail, hospitality, food service, construction, or any other job not limited to a desk. It’s a perfect weapon to incorporate in your recruiting arsenal that can set you apart from your competition that is trying to reach the same people.

Facebook job posts is going to be a shakeup in the recruiting world. It’s an easy and accessible way to attract talent that is not on LinkedIn. Utilizing Facebook, text messaging, and other messaging apps is how the modern recruiter attracts talent and communicating today. It’s all about reaching your target audience on their terms where they want to be reached.

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