What You Need to Know About Facebook Recruiting

May 11th, 2018 Posted by Recruiting


If you’ve made the decision to start allocating recruiting efforts to Facebook, good for you! You’ve made an amazing decision to reach job seekers where they are spending most of their time and can actively engage with your brand. However, it’s a tricky terrain to navigate, with noise coming from just about every direction. But this does not mean that you should get discouraged, you just have to take a step back and approach Facebook recruiting in a strategic manner. So here are a few considerations you should keep in mind when tackling the social media giant.

Decide your careers page route

There are a couple options to choose from with your careers page on Facebook. If you are a small or maybe even a medium-sized company, you’ll want to create a tab on your main page for careers. This can be the go-to spot for you to post openings and engage with job seekers. If you are recruiting for a large company, consider creating an entirely new Facebook page for careers. This would give you the opportunity to focus all employer branding efforts in one place, all while giving prospects one convenient spot for all of your resources. Just make sure the branding is consistent with your main page.


Create dynamic content

Believe it or not, job posts do not have to be in written format. Unemployment has been at a record low over the past few months, which means that all of your competitors are gunning for the same candidates as you are. Chances are, most of these companies are creating written job descriptions. Try creating a job post in video format. This gives you the chance to explain the nature of the job in a more engaging manner and provide a window into your company culture. You should also be sure to include a wide range of pictures, quotes, and other videos on your career page to keep potential applicants actively engaged.

Take advantage of Facebook Live


Facebook live isn’t just for that random Facebook Friend from high school showing off their DJ skills. There are a wealth of opportunities here for brand engagement if you take advantage of them. If you are unfamiliar, Facebook Live is Facebook’s live streaming feature for users or businesses. You can use Facebook Live for Q&A sessions to provide information for prospects that comment on your page. You can make announcements regarding company news or major hiring updates. If there is a major event your company is hosting such as a holiday party, stream it on Facebook live to get your brand community involved.

Automate Facebook Messenger

Recruiting automation should always be a key component of your overall recruiting strategy. It allows you to be more available to candidates while casting a wider net into the talent pool. This concept can be applied to social media. Facebook allows you to leverage recruiting automation by employing chatbots into your business’s Messenger. You can use this to answer common questions, pre-screen candidates that inquire about open positions and even schedule an interview time. After this process is over, a ready and quality candidate gets passed on to you.

Using Facebook for recruiting purposes is a major decision to make that can have a big impact on your employer brand and candidate reach. If you decide to recruit on the social media giant, be sure to have a quality careers page or tab, create dynamic content, use Facebook Live to the fullest, and leverage Facebook Messenger for recruiting automation. These difference makers can make that tricky terrain a little easier to navigate.

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