How To Get Local Applicants for Part Time Jobs Through Facebook

March 18th, 2019 Posted by Mobile, Recruiting, Recruiting Tips

How To Get Local Applicants for Part Time Jobs Through Facebook

We’ve all heard of social media, but have you heard of social recruiting? Forget the job boards, it’s time to leverage the platform everyone knows of – Facebook. With its ad manager feature, you can promote your job openings and reach a wider audience. Even better, combine TextApply with Facebook ads for a targeted and convenient way of recruiting. 

TextApply helps you attract top talent by allowing candidates to text-to-apply to your job openings using a short code. This solution is great for teams that are consistently recruiting talent and have been beneficial for many including health care providers, retailers, restaurant chains, amusement parks, financial services, hospitality, and transportation companies.

For a better understanding, let’s set up a hypothetical:

Acme Pizza is a local pizzeria looking to hire high school or college students for part-time positions. After adopting TextApply, and developing an advertisement design, they are now equipped to build a strong talent pipeline that can deliver quality candidates quickly. Here’s what a TextApply advertisement that Acme Pizza could expect to generate upwards of 120 applicants a month looks like. 

 Pizza Acme

To get their text message application engine going, Acme Pizza just needs a little boost to get their job advertisements out there. Since Acme Pizza is looking to hire high school and college students for part time positions, they decided to implement a social recruiting strategy using Facebook. Facebook has a powerful advertising solution that is easy to set up and is highly targeted. It’s great if you’re looking to reach a specific local audience. 

Follow along with Acme Pizza to learn how you can attract quality candidates and build a talent pipeline with Facebook Ads.

1. Create a Facebook account.

Once you have your account verified, go to the drop-down arrow at the top of the page. Name your page, categorize your brand, and fill out any necessary information. We created an example page for Acme Pizza. 



2. Create your ad.

Once you have all your information filled out, click on the same drop-down arrow at the top of the page and click on ‘Create Ads.’ You’ll be navigated to the Ads Manager. Here, you can select what your company’s objective is. We recommend using the traffic objective and linking your ad to your careers site for a 1-2 punch of conversion opportunities. Once you have your objective selected, name your campaign so you can keep track of it.


3. Utilize Ad Sets to customize your preferred ad settings.

Now, head on over to the ‘Ad Set‘ section on the left side bar. This is where you will decide on your ad placement, target audiences, and budget.



Each section serves different function:

  • Traffic — Select where you want to drive your traffic to. For this instance, Acme Pizza wants to drive applicants to apply for jobs on their website or by texting them using their exclusive text code. Most times traffic is the objective you’ll want to choose as well. 
  • Dynamic Creative — Here, you can automatically generate combinations of ad components (images, videos, titles, descriptions, and more). The system will optimize for components that have the best results for each impression served. While this is not mandatory, it’s a great tool to keep in mind in case you do want to leverage it in the future.
  • Offer — This section allows for you to create reminders for discounts or special deals, in-store or online. Ignore this section it’s not relevant for talent acquisition. 
  • Audience — Select who you want to target your ad towards. There are a few components you can customize to ensure effectiveness of your ad: Spend the most time here to make sure you get your targeting right. 
    • Location — Enter in the location of which you want your ad to reach. It can be as general as the entire country to as specific as a single city or area. For Acme Pizza’s campaign, they decided on a 25 mile radius around their storefront. 
    • Age, Gender, and Language — You can also change the age, gender, and language of your audience to narrow down on who should be seeing and interacting with the ad. For Acme Pizza’s campaign, they aim to target high school and college students within ages 16 to 22. 




    • Detailed Targeting — This is where you can enter in different demographics, interests or behaviors that relate to your audience. For Acme Pizza’s campaign, relevant keywords include, ‘Food,’ ‘High school,’ ‘Pizza,’ ‘Job,’ ‘Restaurants,’ ‘San Jose,’ ‘Fast Food’ and ‘San Francisco Bay Area.’







    • Placements — The placements of your ad are very important – they dramatically affect the amount of exposure and reach your ad receives. These placements include Facebook feeds, Instant Articles, In-Stream Videos, Right Column, Suggested Videos, Marketplace, Stories, Instagram feed, Instagram Stories, Facebook Messenger Inbox, Stories, Sponsored Messages and more. You can opt to have Facebook automatically select your placements and allocate your budget across multiple platforms based on where they are likely to perform best – or you can customize these placements on your own terms. However, this can reduce the number of people you reach. 




    • Budget & Schedule — Here you can set and schedule your budget.


4. Select your ad format.

Once you have all your settings completed, it’s time to design your ad and upload it onto your campaign. Head on over to the ‘Ad‘ section on the left side bar. Select your Facebook and Instagram account. Then, choose which format you would like to display your ad as. Acme Pizza decided on a single image to keep things simple and clean. We recommend using the single image format as well to make sure you get the most traffic possible to your careers site. 



5. Upload your ad graphics.

Just below that is where you upload your ad graphics. You can select multiple images with different dimensions to target different placements. Tip: Try to use as little text as possible on your graphics – it is recommended that the text only covers 20% of the image to increase visibility and attraction. Take the ad you designed earlier and place it here. 



6. Write an attention-grabbing headline!

The last step is to create a compelling headline and caption to entice your audience to engage with your ad! Now you’re ready to run your ad and grow your talent pipeline. 



With TextApply short codes, you can turn any advertising platform into a source of candidates. Advertise on storefronts, college campuses, billboards, flyers, and even through online platforms. On average, customers who use TextApply generate 120 candidates per month per location with response rates over 40%. 

Download our Facebook Social Recruiting Guide

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