5 Tips for Better Candidate Engagement

June 29th, 2018 Posted by Candidate Engagement, Recruiting, Recruiting Tips

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Take your HR professional’s hat off for a moment and think back to the last time you interviewed for a job. When you went through a job search you probably asked yourself why you wanted to work for a company. After each interaction, you began to make assessments about whether or not a firm would be the right fit for 

Now, you’re a recruiter, engaging candidates who are going through the same process you had once gone through. Except, this time, they are asking themselves why they should work for you. In order for them to say yes to you and your company, you need to ensure that you are setting yourself up for hiring success by improving your candidate engagement.

Candidate engagement, which is different from candidate experience, is a measure of how candidates feel they were treated during their hiring process with your company. It’s best measured by how responsive your candidates are during the hiring process. Improving candidate engagement begins by starting to think about your candidates as individual people and building 1 to 1 relationships with them. 

From the application to the interview stage you are the only representative candidates are in touch with from your company. Building up a favorable employer brand and creating candidate engagement starts with how you choose to communicate with candidates. Follow these five simple candidate engagement tips to build a positive identity for your company, create an influx of applicants, and ensure that you onboard excited new hires.

1. Use social media to engage candidates

Using social media platforms as a means of communication will show your potential employees that you are willing to communicate through mediums popular with modern candidates. Try using Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to engage with candidates by liking their posts, leaving comments on their status updates, and sharing helpful content from your page. An insightful comment on a LinkedIn status update can do wonders to strengthen your relationship with a candidate.

2. Communicate your employer brand 

Go beyond writing a sentence or two in your job description to show your candidates why your company is a great place to work. Create a employer brand marketing campaign with videos, photos of your employees, and quotes from employees about why they like working at your company. Share this content through your social media,  website,  and email. 


3. Create a calm environment for your candidate.

Create an environment of trust and mutual respect by being responsive to candidate communications and providing regular updates on their progression along your hiring process. Candidates are used to recruiters going dark, sometimes for weeks at a time. Sending regular updates is sure to make your company stand out.


4. Help your candidate with the interview process

Guide and support your candidates through each stage of the interview process. Set expectations on what topics they’ll need to be prepared to discuss, whether their will be any sort of tests, and what kind of attire is expected of them. Let them know who they’ll be meeting with and how long each meeting is expected to last. Small pointers like these make your company seem transparent and honest which goes over well with candidates.


5. Keep your rejections soft and your hiring pool warm 

Each applicant will bring something to the table, but not every applicant will fill the needs you are looking for. Maybe though, they will meet the needs of your company later on. That is why it is important to continue your relationship with your previous applicants. If there is a skill an applicant has attained since interviewing them or an open position they would fit, continuing your communication with them will better benefit you when you want to reach out to them about a later opportunity. 

There are many more skills you can acquire to achieve better candidate engagement. But these five tips are a great starting point in order to begin your journey to better candidate engagement. 

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