Live Recruitment Chat

Instantly engage with potential candidates from anywhere


Enable real-time interactions with JobChat’s live chat solution

Increase conversions

Live chat lifts conversion rates by 20%. JobChat is the most effective and easy way to interact with a potential candidate. Leverage it to qualify your leads, increase application rates, and reduce drop-off so you can quickly identify and connect with the best talent.

JobChat Conversions
JobChat Conversions

Personalize the conversation

Expand your reach and engage job seekers from anywhere on your site or marketing channels without interrupting the browsing experience. You’ll be able to directly shape the candidate experience and drive meaningful conversations based on which page they are visiting on your website.

Deliver on-demand support

Your leads shouldn’t have to wait hours for a phone or email response. Quickly answer questions, eliminate doubt, and increase their confidence and trust with you as an employer and a brand.

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