Keys to the Kingdom

See how the first candidate and employee communication platform works.


TextApply and JobChat lets job seekers apply for your job openings over text message and live chat.


TextRecruit helps you communicate with your candidates over text message and live chat at scale.


TextHR helps you communicate with your employees over text message and live chat at scale.


TextReach helps you manage projects and coordinate with your team over text message.


Get more applicants with TextApply & JobChat

Widen your net. Attract, capture, and nurture more talent by enabling job seekers to text-in and apply to your career openings from anywhere.

Convert clicks into conversations. Allow job seekers to chat with a live recruiter directly on your career site. Embed your personalized JobChat link, answer candidates' questions, and reduce your drop-off rate.

Automate your screening process. Our Automated Recruiter Interface (ARI) is your trusted enterprise AI recruiter that intelligently texts and chats with your candidates to quickly help you identify and connect with the right talent.

Gif of Whole Foods Using JobChat to Engage Candidates on Their Careers Pages
Candidate and employee engagement platform for recruiters


Communicate with candidates using TextRecruit

Faster down the funnel. Personalize text messages to multiple candidates at once and reach them faster than ever. Our clients are seeing a 37% response rate in 12 minutes on average.

Eliminate tedious tasks. Save recruiters’ time by automating repetitive, high-volume tasks so they can focus on what they do best - evaluate fit and communicate why your company is the best place to work.

Less waiting, more relationship-building. Leveraging text as a medium significantly reduces the time it takes to hear back from your candidates and enables you to build more personal relationships. Better relationships breeds better talent.


Reach employees using TextHR

Onboarding made easy. No more chasing down employees to have their paperwork done. Leverage AI to help automate your onboarding process - the faster it gets done, the sooner your new hires can start adding value to your organization.

Prepared for any event. Whether it's an open enrollment reminder, work shift change, or an emergency alert, you'll always be prepared and can trust your employees will be notified.

Help your team help you. Referrals have proven to be one of the most effective ways to recruit talent. Let your colleagues know when new roles are open in real-time.

Use the TextHR Mobile App & Desktop App to onboard new employees, ensure compliance, and complete paperwork using text message.
Picture of the TextReach mobile app that enables team communications


Manage team projects over TextReach

No emails. No apps. No problem. Unite all your employees in one place, make collaboration easy for everyone, and stay on top of moving people, parts, and projects without having to download an app.

Agile and adaptable. Change is inevitable, but you'll be able to quickly respond to any shifts and get your team back on the same page, so you can minimize loss in productivity and maximize impact.