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Types of employers we work with


Mobile workforces with high turnover and complex hiring strategies.


Knowledge workers that are not responsive to emails or phone calls.


Recruiting for millennial, mobile workforces that are on the road.

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Let TextRecruit manage your text message, live chat, and AI needs.

Communication has changed for these companies

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In Q1 alone we saved 100 hours of recruiter productivity. That is time that our recruiters were able to reinvest back into talking with candidates, working on sourcing candidates.

Jared Bazzell, Talent Acquisition Manager

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“Six Flags gets a lot of younger generations applying for their first job so we wanted to give text message a try. With TextRecruit, we receive more responses, in less time when reaching out to applicants for an interview. Increasing our turnaround time from application to hire is great for us and the applicant!”

Lisa Bruce, Recruiter

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“TextRecruit has without a doubt made our sourcing more effective, and at least 20% of the candidates we currently source come from our texting campaigns.”

Kate Rushton, Sourcing Manager

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“We use TextRecruit to schedule automated reminder messages to new drivers, which 3x orientation attendance and cut staffing costs.”

Steve Sanchez, Recruiter

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“The TextRecruit results have been stellar with a 2.5x increase in candidate replies, the majority of responses coming in under 15 minutes, which has produced a very happy client for Randstad Sourceright.”

Courtney Archer, Talent Sourcing Manager

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“The reason we like it and the reason we use it now more than email is that the response time has been shortened. Originally if you sent an email, you’re responding to those emails for up to a month. If I use TextRecruit I can cut that time down to just a few hours.”

John Silvestro, Recruiter

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“I just had to write and tell you TextRecruit has changed my life and it’s only been 2 days! Not only am I getting almost immediate responses, but it is so easy to reach the candidates that have not answered initial follow up calls or emails. I just wanted to say, thanks a million!”

Raeanne Auber, Recruiter

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“We started using TextRecruit to get ahead of our competitors by making it easier for candidates to communicate interest in career opportunities. And it has worked! We have already hired 3 candidates who were previously unresponsive.”

Amber Mauro, Recruitment Manager

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“With TextRecruit we increased our new hire response rate to 64% and reduced our average new hire response time to 64 minutes. It was a huge improvement.”

Christian Ray, Talent Strategy Leader

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“Our ability to reach candidates in real time through text messaging has not only decreased our time-to-hire but has allowed us to increase the accessibility between recruiters and candidates throughout the interview process.”

Natalie Breece, Director of Talent Acquisition

“We had a 100% positive response rate from our candidates through TextRecruit. Recruiters even used it to send interview reminders and reach out to hiring managers. We’ve expanded TextRecruit from 10 recruiters to 40 in our organization.”

Heather Thomas, Recruitment Manager, Strategic Sourcing

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