Why Recruiters Love Candidate Engagement Platforms: 

January 23rd, 2018 Posted by Candidate Engagement, Text Messaging

7 Questions to Ask Before Using Text Messaging Services For Business

The way we communicate with candidates has changed. Whereas once upon a time we may have reached out exclusively via phone and email, consumer perceptions of business text messaging are changing for good. Consider that research by Trumpia found that 64% of consumers think businesses should converse via SMS more often. 

Sure phone calls and emails may still be effective for downstream interactions with candidates, but let’s face it: most of us can’t afford the time investment needed to call every single one of our applicants. After all, some recruiters in high volume recruiting roles are faced with over 250 applicants per open role. 

Some recruiters turn to general texting services like Google Voice to reap the benefits of rapid communication that only text message can deliver. But, in high volume scenarios free or non recruiting specific text messaging apps open up their employer brands to negative candidate experiences.

For example, solutions like Google Voice can’t coordinate efforts across recruiting teams, meaning some candidates that have “opted out” of recieving messages could receive them anyways. Compliance is a huge portion of managing text message recruiting and it’s important to pick solutions that help you stay compliant with CAN-SPAM. 

The good news is that recruiters and HR managers now have another option that will allow them to tap into the power of text messaging for business without putting their employer brand in jeopardy. This option comes in the form of a unique group of HR software technologies collectively known as candidate engagement platforms.

What Are Candidate Engagement Platforms? 

Candidate engagement platforms enable recruiters to communicate with candidates using text message, live chat, and AI throughout the entire hiring funnel. Such platforms make it easy to include text messaging into your recruiting workflows and some offer integrations with applicant tracking systems. 

There are many candidate engagement platforms. If you’re looking into one consider that TextRecruit integrates with over 30+ applicant tracking systems and can be used to engage with candidates at every stage of your hiring process.

Why Do Recruiters Love Candidate Engagement Platforms? 

Recruiter’s love candidate engagement platforms like TextRecruit for the ease and convenience they provide. Candidate engagement platforms have tools that help recruiters at every stage of their hiring process. From attracting more applicants to onboarding new hires efficiently, there’s something for everyone on your HR team. 

Candidate engagement platforms make communication expedient and simple. Recruiters get better access to candidate by communicating with them through messaging apps, SMS, and chat windows. Tools found on these platforms also make it easier for recruiters to set up phone interviews, which can be challenging to get using conventional methods of communication. 

Recruiter’s using TextRecruit’s suite of tools have found that they get as high as 37% response rates in less than 12 minutes. 


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