How to Maintain Candidate Engagement in Healthcare

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Healthcare is one of the hardest industries to thrive in as a recruiter. With the discrepancy between experienced and well-educated candidates, an aging baby boomer population, and extremely strict regulations, most healthcare recruiters end up as migraine patients for the very candidates they hired. It’s a tricky landscape to navigate and mistakes are costly. It is estimated that one unfilled position can cost an organization $7,700. This industry isn’t slowing down either. Healthcare is projected to grow up to 19% until 2024 with over 2 million added jobs.

It’s going to take some creativity to get ahead of this hiring endeavor. A reasonable time-to-hire is necessary to prevent qualified candidates from being snatched up by other organizations. However, you can’t compromise on thoroughness in a highly regulated industry where lives are literally at stake. With that in mind, here are a few tips to maintain candidate engagement in the healthcare hiring process in a way that positively impacts your time-to-hire and doesn’t compromise on thoroughness.

Try to confine interviews to one in-person visit

With many people being on different schedules, this may be easier said than done. However, if possible it can play a major role in decreasing the length of the interview process. Average time-to-hire in healthcare is currently 49 days. A major contributor to this is multiple visits for in-person interviews. If you are able to align the schedules of team members that would be working directly with your candidate, team members that would be working indirectly with your candidate, and any executive that wants to participate in the hiring process, you can maintain candidate engagement while significantly decreasing time-to-hire.

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Use recruitment marketing to your advantage

Your employer brand can make or break your recruiting efforts in tough industries. Nearly every job seeker out there will do research on your company before committing to applying. There are simple steps to take to assure that when this happens, your company stands out from the others. Make sure that your career site is simple, easy to navigate, and shows off the aspects of your company culture that you want your candidates to see. Use social media to put faces to the company and provide a window into the daily life of the job. You can also have a presence in the community by participating in local health fairs, medical and nursing schools, and any other health-related events. This will help create that candidate engagement you are looking for before the hiring process even starts.

Employ faster communication

There will inevitably be bottlenecks in the hiring process for industries such as healthcare. You need to be sure that you are bringing on the right people that can positively impact your patients and fit well into your company culture. This is why time-to-hire is at that scary 49 days. However, you can make up lost time by taking a critical look at your method of communication. One way to do this is by ditching email and utilizing text messaging and other messaging apps to streamline initial screening, interview scheduling, and other early stage communication tasks. This is where modern candidates want to communicate anyway, which helps your candidate engagement efforts in the long run.

Headaches may always be a symptom of healthcare recruiting. It is an inherently arduous industry where the stakes are high and you want to do everything in your power to avoid mistakes. Try out these tips to maintain your candidate engagement and ensure that you are bringing on the right people to the team. With the major healthcare hiring effort on the horizon, they could give you the competitive advantage you are looking for.

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