AI-Powered Recruiting Chatbot

Ari is your new AI-powered recruiting chatbot

Our Automated Recruitment Interface, or ARI, is a customizable recruiting chatbot that uses natural language processing and machine learning. Add candidates from your ATS, via text-to-apply, or live chat and let ARI engage them in a two-way conversation. ARI lets you spend more time with qualified candidates to hire better people, faster.

A Recruiting Assistant Unlike Any Other

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Announce Jobs

Send new job postings to your talent network

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Answer Questions

Respond to frequently asked questions

Animation of Ari recruiting chatbot engaging with talent
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Screen Applicants

Confirm people meet the minimum qualifications

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Schedule Interviews

Find time for an interview with a human recruiter

Simple & Straightforward

Ready For Your Recruiting

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Recruiting Assistance

Spend more time with qualified talent by automating up to 80% of candidate communication

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Built with IBM Watson

Take advantage of advanced capabilities such as Natural Language Processing (NLP) and machine learning that will grow with your team

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Personalization at Scale

Ask and answer the right questions based on position type, location, and skill level

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Bring your employer brand to life by choosing your chatbot’s name and tone

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SMS, live chat, or Messenger

Engage candidates on their phone, desktop, or wherever they choose to interact

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Stay in the Loop

Monitor your chatbot’s conversations and pass advanced questions to human recruiters

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ATS/HCM Integrated

Sync candidate and employee data to deliver better reporting, analytics, and performance

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Security and Compliance

Keep your candidate and employee’s personal data safe with opt-in and auto-unsubscribe technology

Built on the #1 Candidate Engagement Platform

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