GBW Railcar Services Reduces No Show Rate by 83% With TextRecruit

January 18th, 2018 Posted by Recruiting, Text Messaging

Customer Spotlight: GBW Railcar Services

GBW Railcar Services’ recruiting was negatively impacted by a 30% no show rate to interviews. Recruiters were struggling to reach candidates and suffered from low response rates to phone calls, voicemails, and emails. A team of 3 recruiters were responsible for over 160 open positions and a candidate pipeline of 400. There simply wasn’t enough time in the day to reach out to every candidate. GBW decided to implement text message recruiting and began using TextRecruit to create personalized text message campaigns. 

Successful high volume recruiting requires convenient communication for both the candidate and recruiter. This fact is especially true when recruiting in the railcar repair, maintenance, and recertification industry. While using email, phone calls, and voicemail to schedule interviews GBW reported that over 30% of scheduled candidates did not show up for interviews. 

Nicole Kirby

“Our candidate pool is very mobile and transient. Our team staffs for 30 facilities located all over North America and a set of mobile repair fleets. We’ve really struggled to both get in touch with candidates and have them show up to interviews.”

Nicole Kirby, Senior Recruitment Advisor, GBW 

Recruiters found calls time consuming and were unable to verify whether their voicemails were ever recieved. Railcar repair and maintenance servicemen often work early morning shifts and sometimes through the night. It proved difficult to reach them by phone during GBW’s recruiters working hours. Furthermore, email proved uneffective as candidates rarely checked their inboxes.  

Lisa Clark“A majority of our candidate base are a blue-collar workforce. Many of them don’t own computers and they aren’t online looking at emails. Texting was one of the solutions that repairmen and recruiters wanted.”

– Lisa Clark, Senior Recruitment Advisor, GBW 

Recruiting Director Lisa Miller’s team of three decided to deploy text messaging as a full funnel recruiting strategy. They used text messaging to schedule appointments, send interview reminders, and confirm meetings. They experienced a significant boost to their response rates and were able to hire 41 candidates in December without having to leave a single voicemail. Additionally, by using text message to send interview reminders Miller’s team was able to reduce their interview no show rate to 5%, down from over 30%! 

Lisa Miller

“TextRecruit has made a huge impact on our staffing process at GBW. We can’t believe we’ve lived without it!”

Lisa Miller, Director of Recruiting, GBW

Text messaging simultaneously improved GBW’s candidate pipeline and candidate quality. Miller’s team attracted quality candidates with 1 hire made for every 3 interviews. Using text messaging was a game changer for GBW! Miller’s team was able to improve response rates, grow their pipeline, and attract higher quality candidates. That’s a win in our book. 

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