Clearlink Makes 600 Hires in Q1 With TextRecruit

June 15th, 2018 Posted by Mobile, Recruiting, Text Messaging

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Clearlink combines the best people with the smartest technology to provide intelligent marketing, sales, and data science solutions for the world’s leading brands. In 2017, Clearlink’s recruiting team worked their way through 20,000 applicants, 5,500 interviews, and 2,000 hires by using TextRecruit. This is their story. 

Just like the marketing, sales, and data science professionals they hire, the folks on Clearlink’s recruiting team are no stranger to the latest HR tactics and technology. Before using TextRecruit, recruiters were using Google Voice to communicate with candidates. It was clear to the team that texting produced great response rates, quick response times, and most importantly that it was perceived as both expedient and professional by the white collar candidates they were communicating with.

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“We get so much better response rates from texting than phone calls or emails! TextRecruit provides information more consistently and quickly to candidates.”

– Shannon Collaer, Recruiting Manager 

While text messaging was producing great results, Clearlink recruiters were getting slowed down by Google Voice. With no ability to mass text, recruiters were having to copy/paste the same text message hundreds of times. Candidates were also falling through the cracks since the team had no visibility into their team members’ communications.

Clearlink needed the ability to send mass campaigns, they needed visibility into team communication, and they needed help to ensure that no candidates missed or skipped steps. This is when Clearlink decided to upgrade their team’s text messaging tool from Google Voice to TextRecruit.

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“We were copying and pasting individual numbers into Google Voice before – we weren’t uploading candidates in mass. When you have 20,000 candidates to deal with you need that.” 

– Shannon Collaer, Recruiting Manager 

Getting started with TextRecruit was an easy process. Their account manager walked them through several live online training sessions and even helped them with creating their first campaigns. Once the team learned how to use the tool, the recruiters were off to the races! Clearlink averaged 47% response rates to their messages. 

Clearlink has been a TextRecruit client since 2017. In their first year with TextRecruit, they were able to hire 2,000 candidates across 3 sites. Now in 2018, they’ve already made 600 hires in Q1 through TextRecruit. The problems the team was experiencing with Google Voice are a thing of the past. Now, no candidates wait to hear back from recruiters and candidate experience has significantly improved. 

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“TextRecruit gives my team a way to efficiently and consistently communicate with candidates.”

– Shannon Collaer, Recruiting Manager 

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