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TextRecruit was founded in 2014 from a simple observation: people have changed the way they communicate, but businesses have not adapted. In 2015, for the first time ever, people spent more time on mobile devices than desktops, and 9 out of 10 job seekers have said they will use mobile in their job search within the next 12 months. TextRecruit helps businesses recruit more talent by allowing job seekers to research career opportunities, engage recruiters via text messaging, and complete job applications directly from their mobile devices.

Traditionally mobile recruiting technology has focused mobile apps, which are expensive to build and maintain, annoying to download and update, and inaccessible to the 32% of Americans that don’t use smartphones. In fact until now, HR and recruiting tech companies left out a universal and effective mobile recruiting tool: the text message.

The idea behind TextRecruit was derived from the business needs of some of the largest corporate recruiting teams in the world. After speaking with multiple talent acquisition leaders, we were shocked to uncover the number of text messages exchanged between recruiters and candidates. The feedback was that texting was an effective communication tool with prospects, but there was no technology for teams to organize, send and track messages to candidates to determine the effectiveness and stay compliant.

TextRecruit was created to provide a central location for recruiting teams to send, manage and track candidate text messages at scale, without use of a personal network. Since our founding, we have grown our product portfolio to help businesses attract talent with TextApply, hire talent with Mobile Career Sites, and source talent from any website using our Chrome Extension.

Core Values


We are thoughtful, concise, and transparent with our actions and communication with each other and our customers. We respectfully share and celebrate our ideas with constructive feedback and are not afraid to challenge one another.


Stay childlike in your curiosity but have hunger in your heart. Be bold and willing to take intelligent risks to propel innovation and creativity.


Our company was grown directly from the inspiration, trust, and investment of our customers. The more successful they are, the more successful we are.


Build relationships and trust with one another to build a stronger, more resilient team. Our varying perspectives and diversity in thought, backgrounds, and experiences allow us to make informed decisions, create more robust products for our customers, and deliver greater impact.


We all have a duty, collectively and individually, to take ownership for our performance and responsibilities. Understand the impact of your actions and lead by example. Be proactive, passionate, and hold yourself accountable.


Focus only on what is useful and necessary for our customers. Strive to make our products and processes as simple as possible so things get done faster and easier. Work smarter, not harder.

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