Why Are Short Codes Right for Your Recruiting Strategy?

January 30th, 2018 Posted by Candidate Engagement, Recruiting

Why Are Short Codes Right for Your Recruiting Strategy?

Over the past few years, short codes have been gaining a larger and larger presence in fast-paced industries such as retail, foodservice, and hospitality. They are short, 5-6 digit numbers that are built for sending large amounts of texts at once. Short codes require two-way capabilities, as to allow the recipient to respond and opt out if they wish to do so. They have potential for a wide array of business functions, such as promotions, reservations, and perhaps the most relevant, recruiting. Implementing these codes into your overall recruiting strategy is a big and important decision. So you may be asking yourself, why are shortcodes right for my recruiting strategy?


With regards to marketing your short codes to your target audience, the only real limit is your imagination. In the store, you can put them at your point-of-sale, somewhere visible when your customers are waiting in line, on display, or even in the windows. If you practice campus recruiting on high school or college campuses, you can take advantage of that as well with flyers. You can even put them on a billboard. The possibilities are virtually endless.


Candidate experience is of the utmost importance when bringing on new talent. You want your job candidates to have a positive and memorable experience throughout the entire hiring process. Short codes can play a big role in this. They require no mobile app, QR code, or email to opt into the hiring funnel. By leveraging text message as the primary means of communication, you can reach job seekers where they really want to be reached. Every mobile device nowadays is capable of text messaging; the ease of use cannot be overstated.


This is perhaps the most impactful benefit of short codes. Candidate engagement is crucial for generating more applicants to guarantee that you get the right applicants. Recruiting with text messaging can earn you response rates of 40% with most responses coming in under 30 minutes. Automated sequences can also guarantee that there is always a recruiter ready and available to answer common questions, initially screen candidates, as well as set up interview times for the candidates that are a good fit.

Retail, foodservice, and hospitality are fast-moving industries. Slow time-to-hire and a lack of candidate engagement during the hiring process can be a big burden. Luckily, this is an easily fixable problem. Short codes are the tool you need attract talent and ensure that you are bringing on the right talent, fast.

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