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April 5th, 2019 Posted by Candidate Engagement, Events, Recruiting

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Scaling a recruiting events strategy across disparate geographies poses a challenge for employers from both a budgetary and resource allocation standpoint. Physical recruiting events can also cause logistical issues for both active and passive candidates that prevent them from attending. When talent acquisition teams and candidates are unable to find a way to connect – both parties lose. 

We created Virtual Career Fairs to solve the budgetary, scheduling, and logistical problems associated with scaling an event based recruiting strategy. Virtual Career Fairs give employers  a more convenient, practical, and cost efficient way to scale their event strategy and candidates a way to connect with employers that isn’t disruptive to their daily schedules.

What are Virtual Career Fairs?

Virtual Career Fairs are chat-based online events that enable recruiting teams to centrally manage the sourcing, candidate capture, and branding of their events. Learn more by watching this short video. 


Simple Event Creation & Promotion: 

Virtual Career Fairs make it easy for your team to set up and scale your event strategy. Creating an event takes just a few minutes and happens inside your TextRecruit dashboard. Each event has built in real-time chat, registration capture, and responsive design that supports global access from any device anywhere, anytime.

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Create an event in minutes with easy set up inside TextRecruit.  You can set an event name, date, time, attendee limit, and write a short description. Each event also generates a unique tracking link you can use in promotions.


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Use your tracking link in social posts, emails, text message campaigns, and other recruitment marketing materials to generate attendance.


Scaleable De-Centralized Hiring: 

Scale your event strategy with confidence across all of your locations with the ability to segment your events into unique event pages by geography or team. This makes it simple for franchises and other types of businesses to manage the unique marketing and communication challenges that come with filling positions for multiple disparate locations. Each segmented event page also generates it’s own unique URL.


Screen Shot 2019-04-03 at 5.35.49 PMRun 10, 100, or as many virtual events as your team can support with unlimited event creation standard in all Virtual Career Fairs packages. You’ll also be able to assign as many recruiters as you need to manage conversations with attendees. 

Reduce Costs by 70% Per Hire: 

On average it costs $1,000 to $20,000 to sponsor or host one physical career event, this can place pressure on Talent Acquisition leaders to either host fewer events or reduce budget for  events. Adding scale to your event strategy with unlimited Virtual Career Fairs will help reduce pressure. You can expect your Virtual Career Fairs to contribute 3-5x more candidates to your event driven candidate pool. This increase in volume translates into a subsequent reduction in cost per hire. 

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Virtual Career Fairs are an excellent way to scale your event strategy. They minimize the negative impact events have on your budget and eliminate the time wastage of travel, event set up, and tear down associated with in person events.


Virtual Career Fairs make it easier than ever for TA executives to scale their recruiting events strategy and quantify results. Recruiters benefit as well with access to a broader talent pool and the ability to manage simultaneous conversations with multiple attendees.

If you’re an existing customer who’d like a detailed walkthrough of Virtual Career Fairs please contact your account manager. Otherwise book a demo below to learn more. 

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