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July 22nd, 2019 Posted by AI/ML, Product Update, Recruiting

The age of artificial intelligence (AI) in talent acquisition is here. As employers begin to adopt AI in their recruitment processes, how do they measure its effectiveness? This responsibility often falls on talent acquisition leadership to report on AI performance, including measuring candidate engagement and experience, as well as candidate conversion rates.  New from TextRecruit, Ari Analytics enable talent acquisition leaders to do exactly that.

When it comes to understanding the impact of AI in the recruiting process, there are important questions talent acquisition leaders should consider when measuring Return on Investment (ROI) and communicating benefits back to the business:

  • Is it creating engagement with talent?
  • How many potential candidates are engaging via AI or an automated process?
  • How effective is AI at converting talent into applicants?
  • How many qualified applicants are converting into interviews or hires?
  • How many hours is AI saving us?

Ari Analytics Blog- Top of Funnel Image

Ari Analytics Blog- Funnel Image

Figure 1: Reporting with personalized dashboard for Ari Analytics

With TextRecruit Ari Analytics, users have a personalized dashboard that provides real-time analytics on volume, conversion rate and insights on where candidates are (or dropping off) through each stage of the recruiting lifecycle. It makes visibility of inbound engagement easy with real-time reporting from interest to hire. Thus, it summarizes all you would need to know about what works⁠—and what doesn’t work⁠—within your AI recruiting process.

Ari Analytics Blog- Screening Questions

Figure 2: Filterable data by ‘Screening’ stage

Through Ari Analytics, recruiting teams gain actionable insight by viewing data on the specific questions being asked, how many candidates are being qualified, and how many remain engaged via AI throughout the process. This allows for a continuous optimization of the candidate experience.

Whether or not you already have a robust recruitment reporting process, a great way to measure AI effectiveness is the metric of time. AI in recruiting is about driving efficiency and scaling in the recruiting process. Ari Analytics captures and reports timed metrics for each interaction when qualifying hires, similarly to how TextRecruit already captures and reports on response times as a metric for SMS engagement.

“Ari asks our candidates 90% of screening questions to create candidate profiles.  It’s helped expedite the application process, automating candidate communication and enabling interviews to be scheduled same day, no matter if the candidate applies at 1:00 p.m. or 1:00 a.m.”  - VP, Talent Acquisition, Retail and Manufacturing Solutions Provider

If you are looking to partner with a leader in talent engagement and communications to introduce text messaging and AI into your recruiting strategy, schedule a demo with our team today.

If you are an existing TextRecruit and Ari customer, new Ari reporting is now available.


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