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November 12th, 2019 Posted by Product Update, Recruiting

Organizations are spending thousands of dollars each month in recruitment marketing to build healthy talent pipelines but for every job they have to fill, there could only be one hire.  This means those organizations could be sitting on talent pools with hundreds if not thousands of qualified individuals and uncapitalized networks.  

Why pay for sourcing talent each time you have a new position to fill when your preexisting talent database can be a tool for filling positions, in less time.   Unfortunately, it’s not enough to simply create talent pools.  Passive candidates need to feel engaged and connected to your recruiters and your brand. 

In order to leverage this talent source to its full extent, iCIMS TextRecruit now offers Talent Pool Re-engagement campaigns to help streamline engagement through automated reoccurring text campaigns that query your talent pool based on the date in which they were last contacted along with your choice of profile criteria. 

Take note of how talent re-engagement can help you transform your existing candidate databases into dynamic, real-time sources of leads. 

Save Time on Nurturing Identifying Talent
Even the most recent addition to your talent pool will have the expectation that they would be communicated when a relevant role becomes available.  By extending communications via text messaging you can quickly reach targeted talent where they are, garnering a 99% open rate and nearly a 50% response rate1.  In addition, the ability to run an ongoing campaign to targeted contacts helps save timewhile removing the need to manually sift through candidate databases and send multiple text communications.   

Keep Candidate Profiles Up to Date
Candidate databases are priceless but only when candidate profile data is maintained. To ensure that candidate data stays current, talent acquisition teams can leverage automated text campaigns, attribute tagging and AI technology to create scale and ease to the process.  A continuously updated database creates an arsenal of actionable insights and leads for recruiters.  


Cut Sourcing Costs
Between skills shortages and the high prices of sourcing tools and job boards; sourcing talent is increasing difficult and expensive.  Thankfully, talent pools that are maintained, communicated to and nurtured are primed to help cut down on sourcing costs.  A talent pool re-engagement strategy that harnesses mobile and automation is the quickest and most cost-effective way to re-discover suitable candidates and better hires.   

Learn more about Talent Pool Re-Engagement by iCIMS TextRecruit by watching this short video below:


If you’re an existing customer who’d like a get more details on how use iCIMS TextRecruit for talent pool re-engagement and other valuable resources, visit the iCARE customer site or contact your account manager.  

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