How To Use Recruitment Marketing To Attract Talent

February 7th, 2018 Posted by Candidate Engagement, Recruiting

How To Use Recruitment Marketing To Attract Applicants

Making your employer brand stand out from others can sometimes require more than using text messaging to communicate with candidates. Recruiters, like you, are now turning to marketing strategies to help them attract talent to open positions. These strategies collectively are known as “recruitment marketing.” Now, you may be wondering, “What is recruitment marketing? How can I get involved?”

Jobvite defines recruitment marketing as “the strategy, and tactics used by an organization in order to source, manage, and nurture passive talent – before they apply to your job.”

Recruitment marketing makes your organization a more competitive employer. When done correctly, recruitment marketing increases awareness of your brand in the mind of passive candidates. For example, UPS successfully used recruitment marketing last year to create a pipeline of candidates for seasonal, hourly, and temp positions. UPS directed traffic to a mobile friendly, engaging careers site through a mix of videos, text messages, online ads, search engine optimization, and search engine marketing.

Now let’s take a look at a few tactics that you can use in recruitment marketing.

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Re-Energize Your Careers Site 

The star of your recruitment marketing strategy is your careers site. Your careers site should be engaging, mobile friendly, and easy to navigate. A few things you can do to make your careers site experience better include adding a live chat window, adding shortcodes that candidates can text for more information, and reducing the number of steps needed to submit applications. A well designed careers site will ensure your recruitment marketing efforts produce the uptick in applicants you’re looking for.

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Advertise on Social Media

Social media advertisements can help you drive large numbers of highly targeted candidates to your careers site. Platforms like LinkedIn allow recruiters to advertise job openings to very specific types of candidates. Recruiters can target candidates and attract talent based on years of experiences, skill set, title, location, and industry. Other social media advertising platforms that can be used are Facebook and Twitter.

Create Great Content

UPS created videos featuring employees sharing their experiences with the company. These videos helped build trust and goodwill toward UPS as a potential employer with their candidates. Creating and sharing content that positions your company as the best place to work helps build relationships with candidates and also drives additional traffic to your careers site. It’s a recruitment marketing option that’s easy on your budget as sharing videos is largely free! 

Advertise Job Openings Via Text Message

Text messaging can also be used as a part of your recruitment marketing strategy. For example, civic construction company, Allan Meyers used geographic location data to segment their candidate database. They then sent text message notifications to candidates in areas where they had job sites opening. Text messaging is a highly cost and time effective way to advertise your job openings and utilize your existing candidate data.

We hope this article helped give you a few great ideas on what recruitment marketing is and how you can use it to attract more applicants. If you’re interested in learning more about how employers like yourself are using text message to hire better people faster you may want to download our free ebook below.


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