How Short Codes can Help You Attract Talent in Trucking

March 8th, 2018 Posted by Candidate Engagement, Recruiting

How Short Codes can Help You Attract Talent in Trucking

There is a major recruiting effort impending on the horizon. No, we’re not talking about jobs in machine learning or data science. Today, we are talking about truck driving. There is a huge driver shortage looming over recruiters across the nation. According to the American Trucking Associations, nearly 890,000 drivers will need to be hired in the next decade. To put that in context, there are currently about 3 million truck drivers currently employed in the U.S. That’s nearly a third of the truck driving workforce that recruiters are tasked with hiring. Just another day at the office, right?

There’s an array of reasons that such a large percentage is emigrating from the trucking industry. Many drivers are simply aging and gradually leaving the workforce for retirement. Meanwhile, as the shortage grows, more miles and more hauls are being delegated to the drivers that are staying. This results in higher turnover, which only worsens the issue. 

Sunset Scenery to Attract Talent in Trucking

So what can be done to turn this around and get nearly 1 million recruits driving as soon as possible? Unless you can throw down for some beautiful Tesla electric trucks to attract talent, each going for a minimum of $150,000, you’ll have to shift your focus to candidate experience. Many recruiting companies are already doing this. Some are using social media for recruitment marketing, posting pictures of events or the beautiful sunsets you only experience on the road. Others are emphasizing wellness and retirement benefits. However, there is one tactic not being used that could make a monumental difference.

Short codes.

Short codes are 5-digit numbers that job applicants text into with keywords (i.e “Recruit”) to express their interest in the job you are advertising. As the candidate texts in, you capture their information and fill your talent pipeline.

The accessibility and convenience of these codes are what makes them a perfect way to attract talent in trucking. Codes can be posted on billboards, at recruiting events, and even on the sides of trailers. You have the power to show off your job opening and encourage people to opt in whenever your drivers are making a haul.

Speed is also on your side when using short codes to attract talent. Automated responses allow for initial screening, redirecting to your career site, and interview scheduling. Candidates enter your pipeline quicker and only the qualified ones reach you for an actual interview. This could be the scalable solution needed to hire 890,000 new drivers.

 Conway Freight uses wellness benefits to attract talent

There lies a big task ahead starting careers for nearly a million people over the next decade. There are many strategies and tactics you can implement to attract talent and get new recruits on the road as soon as possible. Short codes can make a big difference in providing a smooth, fast, and scalable way to fill your talent pipeline quickly.

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