3 Candidate Engagement Best Practices

October 22nd, 2018 Posted by Candidate Engagement, Events, Recruiting, Recruiting Tips

Recruiters who follow candidate engagement best practices are able to fill positions faster than those who don’t. These candidate engagement best practices improve the speed of HR operations at all stages of your hiring lifecycle. They’ll help you attract more applicants, screen candidates faster, and schedule interviews more smoothly.

Common recruiting best practices include posting jobs on relevant job boards, creating advertising for your existing job ads, emailing your CRM contacts, and cold calling applicants already in your ATS. Now these tactics are effective, to a degree, but too many times we hear the same things from Talent Acquisition Directors.

“My recruiter’s emails aren’t getting answered…our phone calls are going straight to voicemail…candidates take too long to get back to us if they do at all…I have more positions to fill this quarter than ever before and the same budget to do it with.”

Does that sound like you? Well, when you know you aren’t getting anymore resources for increasing the number of applicants you have, but have to fill more positions there’s only one thing left to do. And that’s to increase the efficiency of your hiring life cycle so that you convert more of the qualified candidates you are attracting into new hires. These candidate engagement best practices will help you do so.


Attract more applicants:


Add a text message short code phone number combined with a keyword to your job advertisements. You can use this to great success for hiring retail and other storefront positions. Recruiters at Dierbergs, one of the largest supermarket chains on the east coast of the United States, used text message shortcodes to drive hundreds of applicants to apply to their storefront positions. They placed the shortcodes on billboards, online ads, coupons, and even did a Spotify Ad. 

candidate engagement best practices

Another way to increase applicants is to use a live chat window on your careers website. Defender’s Inc deployed a live chat window on their careers site and saw a 10% decrease in bounce rates.  Their live chat window can connect you to a human recruiter or a recruiting chatbot. Candidates get pre-screened and can apply directly through the chat window.


candidate engagement best practices

Screen and schedule candidates:


The best practice here is to engage your desk less workers with a text message campaign instead of email. When Fast Pace Medical switched over to text messages for candidate screening and scheduling they had amazing results. They typically take 5 minutes from first candidate response to qualifying the candidate and booking a phone screen. Because of this they were able to keep costs down and were able to staff 600 positions in just a few months with a team of 6 recruiters.

Wondering how you can build candidate engagement into your hiring lifecycle? Download our Beyond The Text Webinar discussing the tools and processes that enabled Diergbergs, Defenders, and Fast Pace Medical to create strategic candidate engagement across their entire hiring lifecycle. 


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