Best Practices for Texting with Candidates

September 4th, 2019 Posted by Recruiting Tips, Text Messaging


The accessibility of texting has grown tremendously in the past decade, so much that it has become a staple of all communications today. Although it is widespread, texting comes with its unique set of rules depending on the context, just as face-to-face communication do. This is especially important within a professional setting. In the recruitment process, a message should be tailored to accurately reflect company values. After all, a recruiter is a candidate’s point-of-contact and the company’s representative in the hiring process. Different types of messaging can invoke various interpretations and impressions. In today’s digital age, these impressions can be quickly shared with the candidate’s network. Understanding the unwritten rules of communication creates a high-quality candidate experience, as well as leaves a positive impression of your company to the candidate.  

Inspired by a recent article by USA Today, text-based recruitment is growing more and more, and companies are increasingly recognizing its benefits. Take a look at these three tips to develop your text-based recruitment voice. 

  1. A little goes a long way to maintain professionalism. Correct grammar is the smallest and simplest thing to make a good impression.  
  2. Texting takes out non-verbal cues. Have you ever sent a text that was read the wrong way? Be aware of the different interpretations that a message can have in a text-only format. 
  3. Friendliness and professionalism are not exclusive. Decide on a tolerance for misspellings and emojis. For example, the article highlights how TextRecruit user, CDW, chooses to occasionally use emoticons and emojis to show empathy and excitement, resulting a natural texting exchange when communicating with candidates.  

The benefits of text-based recruitment are simple. It is accessible, it is convenient, and you can expect to see a 99% open rate and an average 37% response rate near real-time. Overall, it’s a more efficient way to communicate with talent in a way they want to be reached. 

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