Introducing The New TextRecruit User Experience

February 9th, 2018 Posted by Product Update

Introducing The New TextRecruit User Experience

In our latest platform update, we have given TextRecruit a complete makeover to make your recruiting even faster. Our newest version brings extra features, a complete styling update, and a brand new optimized user experience designed to make your workflows more efficient and easier. Here’s a quick look at five of the most important enhancements you’ll see. 


1. The visual structure has gone through an extensive refresh with new icons, a card-style layout, and a new dashboard that have all been designed to make consuming information easier. 

A card style layout makes it easier for you check performance at a glance.

dashboard (1).png

2. When adding more candidates to your account from a file import, spreadsheet, or from your ATS you’ll have the option of remapping fields without having to edit your spreadsheet. 

Upload candidates faster by remapping fields in the app.

file_upload_remap (1).png

3. You can now add a candidate to a campaign, create a new campaign, or schedule a message without leaving your current workflow. Simply just interact with an on-page modal popup. When you’re done the modal popup disappears, leaving you right where you left off. See an example of one of the new modal popups below being used to schedule messages in the campaign view.

Schedule messages directly from the campaign view without losing context.


4. When replying to candidates in your inbox you can now filter by Candidate, Campaign, Phone Number, User Name, and Message Status to find the right conversation. 

Search for messages in your inbox using a new powerful set of filters.


5. You can now search for specific campaigns in your campaign view and search for specific candidates in the candidate view. This new feature will help reduce time spent looking for specific candidates and will help keep your campaigns better organized.

Search for candidates and campaigns within large table lists.


Would you like a walkthrough of the UI enhancements we’ve made in the latest TextRecruit platform release? For existing customers, contact your TextRecruit rep. Otherwise click the button below to watch a video that shows a few of the new UI enhancements. You’ll also be able to schedule time with us to go over the platform.


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