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September 28th, 2018 Posted by Product Update

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As recruiters, we know that playing email and phone tag when scheduling interviews can cause candidate drop off and make it difficult to scale communication. That’s why we are excited to announce Automated Scheduling as the newest part of TextRecruit.

What is Automated Scheduling?


Automated Scheduling gives you the ability to send candidates a link to schedule time directly on your calendar – eliminating the back and forth of scheduling a meeting. Links can be sent on a one-to-one basis, as part of a campaign, or scaled for high-volume recruiting with Ari, our recruiting AI.

Automated Scheduling saves recruiters the hundreds of hours they spend scheduling time with candidates, and gives them more time to actually speak with them. It also gives candidates more visibility into a recruiter’s availability and makes scheduling simpler and faster for a better overall experience.

Watch our update video for an overview of Automated Scheduling.



How does Automated Scheduling work? 

Get started by connecting TextRecruit to your Microsoft or Google Calendar. You can find this inside your profile settings.


Use Automated Scheduling in one-on-one conversations, campaigns, or with ARI: 

One way to send Automated Scheduling links is in one-on-one text message conversations. To do this, simply click the calendar button to add in a scheduler link to any message right from your inbox. 


Automated Scheduling in the inbox


You can also use Automated Scheduling links as part of a TextRecruit Campaign. In the schedule message window, simply select “calendar link” from the mail merge options.


Automated Scheduling in the campaign view

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You can also have Ari, our recruiting AI, perform Automated Scheduling. This works a little differently. Ari will first provide the Automated Scheduling link, just like the other options, but Ari will also suggest three times based on your availability. Candidates can reply back with the number “1”, “2” or “3” to select a time or simply choose one from the Automated Scheduling link. 

Here’s an example of an Ari scheduling message from the candidate view


If a candidate clicks the link your availability will be displayed to candidates in TextRecruit Calendar View. When a candidate visits your Calendar View, they can choose from your open time slots and select the one that best fits their schedule.

 How candidates will view your availability

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How will I know if someone schedules time with me?

When someone reserves time with you an event will automatically be created on your calendar. An invitation will also be sent to the person who scheduled the event.

A calendar event created by Automated Scheduling

In summary, Automated Scheduling can help your recruiting workflow by:

1. Saving your team hours of back-and-forth emails to find meeting times
2. Reducing candidate drop-off and increasing conversions
3. Creating a better candidate experience with faster and simpler scheduling

We hope Automated Scheduling helps you in your journey to hire better people faster. To learn more about how you can use Automated Scheduling with TextRecruit book a demo below. 

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