1000 Companies Used TextRecruit to Send 80 Million Text Messages in 2018

January 15th, 2019 Posted by Product Update

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Since our founding four years ago, we’ve helped employers make it easier for job seekers to apply, qualify, and schedule interviews for job openings and enabled organizations to win the war for talent despite unemployment reaching a 49-year record low.

One Thousand Companies Including Fifty of The Fortune 500 Used TextRecruit

Three of the five largest global mail and logistics companies used TextRecruit in 2018, with one sending out over two million messages and recruiting 120,000 new holiday employees.

Five of the twenty largest U.S. fast-casual restaurant chains are now using TextRecruit as well, with one rolling it out across its 2,408 U.S. locations so that diners can text-in to apply to jobs from in their stores.


TextRecruit Won Multiple Awards

We also won multiple awards in 2018, including Gold for Most Innovative Mobile Solution at the Brandon Hall awards in December, and Best Mobile Recruiting Solution at the TATech Recruitment Service Innovations Awards (ReSI’s) in September.

2018 marked the second consecutive year TextRecruit was honored at the TATech ReSI’s.

TextRecruit Users Sent 80 Million Texts to 8% of The U.S. Workforce

Employers in the United States used TextRecruit to message over 8% of the U.S. labor force. That includes approximately 80 million messages exchanged between recruiters and job seekers on our platform with over eight million new messages being sent each month.

We’re proud to say that TextRecruit users have maintained a platform average of 31% response rates in 15 minutes or less with a sub 1% unsubscribe rate.

Our Recruiting AI ARI Sent 1.6 Million Text Messages

We also launched ARI (Automated Recruiter Interface) in 2018. ARI is the first hybrid chatbot that allows recruiters to automate recruiting tasks like screening, answering questions, and scheduling. Employers can monitor ARI’s behavior at all times and if ARI ever has trouble answering a question it passes the interaction onto a human recruiter.

ARI accounted for 2% of conversations in 2018 and we expect it to grow to account for 10% of message volume by end of year in 2019.

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