How TextReach Can Solve Your Disengaged Employee Problem

January 16th, 2018 Posted by HR

How TextReach Can Solve Your Disengaged Employee Problem

Everyone knows the disengaged employee. They are avid complainers, and cannot be counted on to go the extra mile or take pride in the work they are contributing to their company. It has been universally accepted at this point that this employee is not ideal. However, there is another type of employee that may be hindering your company performance, and it’s not too late to save them from falling to the dark side. These are the “not engaged employees,” and its important to distinguish them from actively disengaged employees.

A poll from Gallup claims that 50.8% of workers in the U.S. are not engaged. This number is alarming. These employees do not actively hurt your company, but they will show up, do the minimum amount of work at an adequate quality, and are less company-loyal than actively engaged employees. This begs the question: How do you re-engage these employees in a way that fosters quality work and an enjoyable work-experience?

Incorporate a work environment that encourages collaboration and gives your employees a voice. It’s important to remember that you hired your employees for a reason. Allowing them to feel valued and appreciated can be a key factor in helping them feel connected to their job and your company again.

You also need to assure you are reaching your employees in the right way. Workers are not constrained to a desk in the way that they used to be. Use TextReach to give your employees the platform to communicate thoughts and ideas effectively. Email is outdated, and 80% of apps on your team members’ phones have been abandoned. TextReach allows your to capitalize on the 100% open rate of text messaging while keeping all of your data centralized. You stay organized. Your employees get a voice on the most convenient device possible without needing to download an app. Everyone wins, and engagement is alive and well.

TextReach may not be the silver bullet that will make disengaged employees and not engaged employees problems of the past, but it can be an invaluable tool in mitigating that scary 50.8% of workers that are not engaged. Giving your employees the right platform to voice their ideas effectively and conveniently could be a difference-maker in creating that collaborative company culture you’ve been striving for.

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