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Five Reasons WhatsApp is Great for Talent Acquisition

February 14th, 2020 Posted by Recruiting, Text Messaging

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With 1.5 billion active users, WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging application in the world. It’s a fast, simple, and reliable way to communicate and share information on a secure, trusted platform.  It’s the reason 3 million organizations use WhatsApp Business to reach consumers—but are they making the most of the channel to recruit talent?  Let’s look at five reasons you should make WhatsApp part of your talent acquisition strategy.


iCIMS TextRecruit for Talent Pool Re-engagement

November 12th, 2019 Posted by Product Update, Recruiting

Organizations are spending thousands of dollars each month in recruitment marketing to build healthy talent pipelines but for every job they have to fill, there could only be one hire.  This means those organizations could be sitting on talent pools with hundreds if not thousands of qualified individuals and uncapitalized networks.  

Why pay for sourcing talent each time you have a new position to fill when your preexisting talent database can be a tool for filling positions, in less time.   Unfortunately, it’s not enough to simply create talent pools.  Passive candidates need to feel engaged and connected to your recruiters and your brand. 

In order to leverage this talent source to its full extent, iCIMS TextRecruit now offers Talent Pool Re-engagement campaigns to help streamline engagement through automated reoccurring text campaigns that query your talent pool based on the date in which they were last contacted along with your choice of profile criteria. 

Take note of how talent re-engagement can help you transform your existing candidate databases into dynamic, real-time sources of leads. 


TextRecruit Ari Analytics

July 22nd, 2019 Posted by AI/ML, Product Update, Recruiting

The age of artificial intelligence (AI) in talent acquisition is here. As employers begin to adopt AI in their recruitment processes, how do they measure its effectiveness? This responsibility often falls on talent acquisition leadership to report on AI performance, including measuring candidate engagement and experience, as well as candidate conversion rates.  New from TextRecruit, Ari Analytics enable talent acquisition leaders to do exactly that.


3 Tips To Source Smarter With Automation And Talent Pools

May 8th, 2019 Posted by Recruiting, Text Messaging

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You’ve spent days searching social networks and digging through your files, but no luck. You just don’t have the right person to bring in for that interview. Now it’s crunch time and you can feel your director watching you every time you get up to get something from the printer. They needed that role filled – yesterday. There’s a talent shortage and application rates are slow. But do they care? No; it costs a business, on average, $680 every day a job remains vacant. It is no surprise then, that accelerating talent pipelines is the top concern for talent leaders.

You won’t find the people you need as candidate demographics shift and talent acquisition costs spiral, resulting in a perpetual talent shortage, an impact to your employer brand and ultimately an inability to meet the business goals. Follow these three tips to build efficiencies around top-of-funnel engagement and build strong pipelines.


How to Create a Scalable Global Recruiting Strategy

May 1st, 2019 Posted by AI/ML, Candidate Engagement, Recruiting

Sacramento Capitol (3)Creating a high quality candidate experience when recruiting for positions across the globe presents a unique set of challenges that should be addressed by your global recruiting strategy. It’s clear that enterprise talent acquisition teams responsible for hiring across borders can benefit from understanding culture differences & building support systems to fill gaps in service coverage. What’s not always clear is how. Take a look at the following tips to learn how you can work towards establishing a recruiting model that works across the globe.

Communication: One Channel Does Not Fit All
Communication has a crucial impact on whether or not a recruiting strategy is successful. However, methods of communication vary across cultures and countries. For example, text messaging and Facebook messenger are most popular in the United States [1], WeChat dominates in China, WhatsApp is most commonly used in India and Brazil [2], and KakaoTalk is the main messaging app in South Korea [3]. Therefore, it is important to do research on which platforms or applications are most used in different countries so you can refine your recruiting strategy to accommodate for cultural differences and engage talent.

Artificial Intelligence: Create a Strong Candidate Experience & Mitigate Time Zone Differences
Scaling your recruiting strategy to a global level can be difficult. Differences in time zones can cause delayed communication because recruiters and applicants are hours apart. To combat this, organizations can implement recruiting AI into their global recruiting communications strategy – this will help bridge the communication delay as chatbots are readily available 24/7 to answer any general questions candidates may have. Furthermore, AI chatbots can streamline interview scheduling by allowing candidates to pick and choose the dates and times that work best for them without the back-and-forth of e-mail.

Virtual Career Fairs: Scale Your Recruiting Events Strategy Without Travel Expenses
The biggest question when it comes to establishing a global recruiting strategy is: How can organizations recruit top talent without meeting them face-to-face? That’s where virtual career fairs come in. Virtual Career Fairs are chat-based online events that enable recruiting teams to execute candidate capture and branding of their events. With virtual events, companies can reduce cost-to-hire and reap the benefits of a personalized conversation without the in-person meeting or geographical barriers.

To recap, when creating your global recruiting strategy keep in mind the following tips. Make sure your plan accounts for variable preferred communication methods across the globe and that your recruiting team is equipped to communicate on such platforms while remaining compliant. Implement a recruiting AI into your strategy to answer FAQs, screen, and provide support to candidates in different time zones. Finally, scale your recruiting events strategy by considering options like virtual career fairs that help you scale while keeping costs low.


Artificial Intelligence: How to Promote Diversity and Reduce Hiring Bias

April 23rd, 2019 Posted by AI/ML, Recruiting

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While lack of diversity and hiring bias are not new phenomena among the workplace, it also shouldn’t be overlooked. As a matter of fact, the success of a company is partially dependent on its diversity – a firm with a wide range of employees benefit from broader skill sets, experiences, and perspectives which puts them at an advantage over homogeneous organizations [1]. Studies have also proven that ethnically diverse companies are 35% more likely to meet financial targets and outperform their peers [2].

So, how can companies combat these issues?


TextRecruit Virtual Career Fairs

April 5th, 2019 Posted by Candidate Engagement, Events, Recruiting

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Scaling a recruiting events strategy across disparate geographies poses a challenge for employers from both a budgetary and resource allocation standpoint. Physical recruiting events can also cause logistical issues for both active and passive candidates that prevent them from attending. When talent acquisition teams and candidates are unable to find a way to connect – both parties lose. 


How To Get Local Applicants for Part Time Jobs Through Facebook

March 18th, 2019 Posted by Mobile, Recruiting, Recruiting Tips

How To Get Local Applicants for Part Time Jobs Through Facebook

We’ve all heard of social media, but have you heard of social recruiting? Forget the job boards, it’s time to leverage the platform everyone knows of – Facebook. With its ad manager feature, you can promote your job openings and reach a wider audience. Even better, combine TextApply with Facebook ads for a targeted and convenient way of recruiting. 

TextApply helps you attract top talent by allowing candidates to text-to-apply to your job openings using a short code. This solution is great for teams that are consistently recruiting talent and have been beneficial for many including health care providers, retailers, restaurant chains, amusement parks, financial services, hospitality, and transportation companies.

For a better understanding, let’s set up a hypothetical:


20 Recruiting Trends of 2019

March 18th, 2019 Posted by Recruiting, Recruiting Tips

Top 20 Recruiting Trends of 2019

2019 presents a new talent acquisition landscape that requires high emotional and technical intelligence to succeed – it can be intimidating otherwise. Moreover, recent technological advancements call for flexibility and adaptability in recruiting methods. Consider the following 20 recruiting trends in 2019 to stay up-to-date on how your brand can recruit top talent in uncharted territory.


How To Build A Text Recruiting Program You Can Be Proud Of

November 11th, 2018 Posted by Mobile, Recruiting, Text Messaging

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Remember when eMails were the cool, new way to communicate?

Yeah, me either.