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How To Get Local Applicants for Part Time Jobs Through Facebook

March 18th, 2019 Posted by Mobile, Recruiting, Recruiting Tips

How To Get Local Applicants for Part Time Jobs Through Facebook

We’ve all heard of social media, but have you heard of social recruiting? Forget the job boards, it’s time to leverage the platform everyone knows of – Facebook. With its ad manager feature, you can promote your job openings and reach a wider audience. Even better, combine TextApply with Facebook ads for a targeted and convenient way of recruiting. 

TextApply helps you attract top talent by allowing candidates to text-to-apply to your job openings using a short code. This solution is great for teams that are consistently recruiting talent and have been beneficial for many including health care providers, retailers, restaurant chains, amusement parks, financial services, hospitality, and transportation companies.

For a better understanding, let’s set up a hypothetical:


How To Build A Text Recruiting Program You Can Be Proud Of

November 11th, 2018 Posted by Mobile, Recruiting, Text Messaging

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Remember when eMails were the cool, new way to communicate?

Yeah, me either.


4 Ways to Use TextApply

July 27th, 2018 Posted by Candidate Engagement, Mobile, Recruiting Tips, Text Messaging

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TextApply helps you create an engaging application experience that candidates can use on the go from their mobile phone. Leading organizations are using TextApply today to increase applicants, find new ways to advertise job openings, and hire faster. Read on for 4 examples of how top brands like Chipotle, Sodexo, Domino’s, and ThredUp are using TextApply. 


Clearlink Makes 600 Hires in Q1 With TextRecruit

June 15th, 2018 Posted by Mobile, Recruiting, Text Messaging

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Clearlink combines the best people with the smartest technology to provide intelligent marketing, sales, and data science solutions for the world’s leading brands. In 2017, Clearlink’s recruiting team worked their way through 20,000 applicants, 5,500 interviews, and 2,000 hires by using TextRecruit. This is their story. 


What is the Difference Between Candidate Engagement and Candidate Experience?

May 25th, 2018 Posted by AI/ML, Candidate Engagement, Mobile, Text Messaging


Over the past few years, a larger emphasis has been placed on the candidate in the recruiting process. Whereas candidates used to have to pine for the attention of recruiters, recruiters are now trying to find ways to woo candidates. There are a number of factors that contribute to this transition. Unemployment is at record-low numbers, giving job seekers the ability to shop around a little more for the perfect job. Social media can now also make anyone’s experience as a candidate amplified for the whole world to see, either in a positive or negative way. Overall, candidates are starting to look more like customers in the eyes of the recruiter.


Nexxt & TextRecruit Partner to Transform The Way You Reach Candidates Via Text Messaging

April 4th, 2018 Posted by Mobile, Recruiting, Text Messaging

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With 65% of job seekers using their smartphone at least once a day for job search purposes, a mobile recruiting strategy is critical for employers looking to reach qualified candidates. Now, recruiters will be able to easily create mobile-first campaigns to acquire new candidates by using the new Nexxt Campaign Builder + TextRecruit integration available through the Nexxt and TextRecruit partnership.