How to better Engage Candidates with Recruiting Automation

April 27th, 2018 Posted by AI/ML, Candidate Engagement, Recruiting


It’s hard to imagine that automation and candidate engagement can coexist peacefully. At a glance, they appear to be polar opposites. On one side, you have automation: cold, fast, efficient, and unrelenting. On the other side, you have engagement: warm, collaborative, communicative, and human-oriented. How can you achieve that candidate engagement you are always striving for in the recruiting process when a major aspect of communication is with a robot?

It turns out that you not only can increase candidate engagement through recruiting automation, but you should. The National Bureau of Economic Research found that when algorithms were used to fill roles, retention rates were 15% higher. In addition to this, a survey of over 450 recruiters, 75% indicated that automation allowed them to complete routine tasks quicker. Automation is not the face of the recruiting process. Instead, it’s a vital tool that can make you faster, more available, and more efficient.

With that in mind, here a few tips better engage candidates with recruiting automation.

Use chatbots to your advantage.

How many times have you been going through an application and come to some sort of roadblock? Whether it’s a question about the start date, the specific experience you need, or how to answer a certain question, chances are we’ve all been there a time or ten. Chatbots can alleviate this issue. They provide your applicants with a resource to lean on every step of the way. Adding to the candidate engagement is the 24/7 availability. If a candidate is applying for your job and is currently employed somewhere else, they will more than likely be applying outside business hours when your support team is unavailable. Luckily, chatbots are available to assist with questions during early mornings, late nights, weekends, and everywhere in between. Your time is saved and your candidate is engaged.

Keep candidates informed every step of the way.

This is a common candidate engagement pitfall amongst recruiters. Too often candidates submit their applications, receive a thank you email, and never hear from the organization again. Use recruiting automation to send an email or text to establish a timeline, notify the candidate when their resume has been viewed, and redirect them to your careers page for future opportunities if they are not a good fit. This leaves them with a good experience and keeps the candidate as a possibility when future opportunities arise.

Stay in the minds of passive candidates.

Making a career change is kind of a big life decision, as a few people would probably say. Passive candidates may mull this decision over for weeks or even months before finally pulling the trigger. It is vital that when they do decide that it’s time to apply, you are where they go. You can better your chances of this happening by automating your social media posts to show off your company culture and daily lives of your employees. By scheduling out these posts well in advance, you can assure that you are constantly putting out content that appeals to your target candidates and nurturing their interest until they are ready to apply.

Recruiting automation can make you the Super Recruiter you always knew you could be. It can take care of the busy work you don’t want to do anyway and allow you to take the time to really get to know your candidates to make sure they are a good fit for your company. Using automation for chatbots, constant communication with candidates, and scheduling social media posts is just dipping your feet in the water. Want to take a more immersive look at recruiting automation for candidate engagement? Check out our new eBook!


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