How Text and AI Can Personalize the Candidate Journey

January 29th, 2018 Posted by AI/ML, Candidate Engagement, Recruiting, Text Messaging

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“Thank you so much [first name] for considering a career at [insert company]! If your resume is a match for this position, a recruiter will be in touch shortly with the next steps.”

**crickets for 2 months followed by semi-sincere rejection email**

This scenario is all too familiar from the candidate perspective. Over the last decade, there has been a steady increase in platforms that make applying to jobs as easy as ever, and with this increase has come an inevitable exponential rise in applications for each job. Unfortunately, a side effect of this trend is the downfall of personalization, which ultimately hurts the candidate experience.

Recruiters have been trying to combat this issue for some time now. Adding to the issue is the fact that unemployment is at a low point for the decade, and companies are having to find new ways to create a unique and positive candidate journey. Personalization is a major component of this. It can be a differentiator in getting your candidate excited about the prospect of joining your company.

Implementing text and artificial intelligence into the hiring process is the best and most reliable way to achieve this personalization. Text messaging is how the modern-job seeker is communicating, so why should the hiring process be any different? It’s easy, it’s familiar, and its personal. Communicating with text message helps recruiters to create personable relationships with candidates.

Due to low unemployment, recruiters must communicate with a large volume of candidates, candidates that are often shopping for other positions and in talks with several other recruiters. In such situations, speed is often the defining factor. Whoever communicates faster with the candidate is more likely to fill the open position. Using recruiting AI ensures that there is always a recruiter available 24/7 to provide initial screening to candidates, schedule interviews, and automate other early-stage recruiting tasks. AI prevents your candidates from feeling abandoned during the hiring process and sets the stage for recruiters to create personal 1 to 1 relationships with candidates.

Creating a personalized candidate experience has never been more important. AI and text message can make this challenging endeavor much easier. Use these invaluable tools to leave candidates with a positive experience and impression of your company.

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