How to Use Recruiting Automation for Talent Rediscovery

April 20th, 2018 Posted by AI/ML, Recruiting

How to Use Recruiting Automate Talent Rediscovery

For desk-less positions, the chance that an ideal candidate will apply for your vacancy is low. So, you do what most recruiters do and begin sourcing high and low. You scour the internet, cold-call, and place adverts anywhere you can. This all takes time and, unless your spending serious cash on purchasing advertising space, it likely isn’t all that effective. In fact, you may have overlooked the lowest cost and most effective source of candidates for your positions – your existing talent database. 

You might say, “I don’t have time to dig through my talent database and look for candidates that might be a fit!” Or, “How could I possibly screen and communicate with them?” Recruiting automation can dig through your talent database, look for candidates that fit qualifications for your existing positions, and even engage them with text messages.


Save time with automated talent rediscovery

Recruiting automation can help you leverage your existing talent database to fill new positions through automating talent rediscovery. Instead of manually digging through your database of past candidates, have technology do it for you. 

Here’s how automated talent rediscovery and engagement works. Talent rediscovery software connects to your ATS. Whenever you post a new role, it compares requirements for the role with candidate profiles in your ATS. Once it’s finished running, it returns with a list of candidates who would be a good fit for your open role.

Automatically fill your calendar with screening calls 

You can take over here if you’d like, but we recommend funneling rediscovered candidates into a series of sequential text messages called a “drip campaign.” A drip campaign is a series of 3 sequential text messages each spaced 1 day apart and designed to push candidates toward scheduling a 15 minute screening call or any other action you deem appropriate.


A good drip campaign for rediscovered candidates might consist of an introductory message, a second message highlighting the position, and a third message with a link to schedule a 15-minute screening call. 

Have an AI perform additional screening & answer questions

Once your drip campaign completes you can have candidates routed to a recruiting chatbot for prescreening. Let’s say you are a regional recruiter staffing barista positions at coffee shops in 15 states. Your automated talent rediscovery has provided 36 candidates, and your 3 step drip campaign has scheduled 21 of them for screening calls. 

Your recruiting chatbot can take over here and prescreen candidates via text message to gather information about their expectations for compensation, ability to travel to work, and weekly hourly availability. Your chatbot can also answer any questions they have about working at your coffeeshop locations.

Creating a recruiting automation workflow for talent rediscovery may take a few hours of initial legwork. But once set up, this workflow runs completely on its own and creates appointments for you from your existing candidates.  

Download the Recruiting Automation Playbook


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